Sofia Coppola

“I think it is the most beautiful film I have ever seen,” she says. “I love it. It is Sofia’s vision and an outstanding and original take. This is the third film of Sofia’s I have seen and it is always about a young girl and the getting of wisdom.”

Coppola has said that she was drawn to the biography because Fraser had “humanized” the Austrian princess who became the doomed French queen (even if the film never reaches the carnage and bloody execution).

Fraser says that her aim was to bring her subject back to life as a three-dimensional figure rather than as a symbol of the French Revolution and the scapegoat of royal misrule.

“I think she was a young, uneducated girl who, in the face of adversity, came out as a wonderful woman – none of us are the same at 14 as at 38,” she says.

((from Theresa L. Duncan – The Wit of the Staircase))



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