Free Food for Millionaires

My new favorite book and author… (of all time maybe?)


“Free Food for Millionaires has won Min Jin Lee comparisons with Thackeray and Dickens – if they had ever written about the haves and have-nots in late 20th Century Manhattan as experienced by a tart-tongued daughter of Asian immigrants”      (Lauren Cerand)

From the New York Times Book Review (Liesl Schillinger, July 1):

“It would be remarkable if she had simply written a long novel that was as easy to devour as a 19th-century romance — packed with tales of flouted parental expectations, fluctuating female friendships and rivalries, ephemeral (and longer-lasting) romantic hopes and losses, and high-stakes career gambles. But Lee intensifies her drama by setting it against an unfamiliar backdrop: the tightly knit social world of Korean immigrants, whose children strive to blend into their American foreground without clashing with their distinctive background. It’s a feat of coordination and contrast that could kill a chameleon, but Lee pulls it off with conviction.”

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