Book Binge


This week I’ve finished:

1.  Margaret Cho autobiography

2. The High Price of Materialism by: Tim Kasser

3.  The Selected Letters of Jack Kerouac

4. The Opposite of Love by: Julie Buxbaum

Can’t wait for:

No Man’s Land by  Ruth Fowler (Out June 19th!)

No Man’s Land is a fearless exploration of the murky territory where eroticism and commerce collide. Fowler has lived, scrutinized, and offered up a serious first person narrative of sex and desire, representation and identity, and the perversion of female power. She has refused to play by the rules that govern both life and stories, opting instead to test the edge of her experience and then to write it, honestly and unsparingly. The result is a work that is both courageous and outrageous. In a world where pole dancing is marketed as empowerment, this relentlessly candid book comes as a welcome slap.”
Ruth Ozeki

One Comment Add yours

  1. Alana says:

    no Hills…

    gosh I know its getting pretty stupid but you can’t stop watching the Hills..:)


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