“…Ah, I can leave!  No money, no savings, no over anxious parents, no ties.  Leaving is easier than staying.  Staying where the tax, and the living, and the struggle to keep ambitions  flourishing, costs money that you just don’t have.  Leaving what you don’t have is the most exquisite feeling on earth, for when you leave what you don’t have you can only find it.  

Leaving.  That’s the one thing I’m exceptionally gifted at, something I have always managed to do withough failing, something that has invariably provided me with a bed, and food, and money when there was none.  

Arriving?  Well.  Now that’s something entirely different.”

~Ruth Fowler, No Man’s Land


Wish me luck.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Alana says:

    love that quote..

    good luck


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