This excerpt reminded me that I will also be having a west coast holiday this year.  Complete with 65 degree weather and palm trees.

“After weeks of total holiday apathy, I’m starting to feel just the slightest bit Christmasy. Maybe that’s because it’s suddenly colder than a zombie’s poon here in Hollyweird. Bone-chilling wind, lashing rain, mercury dipping at least below 50– Mein Gott, it’s brutal. I might have to actually make tea tonight. Or wear pajamas. I bought some flannel bedsheets at Target; they’re chocolate brown with a pale-blue snowflake pattern. Very appealing, but I feel like a fraud. There are no snowflakes here, you know? It’s sort of like when I was growing up in Chicago and all the girls used L.A. Looks hairspray. 

Disclosure: I am high.”

~Diablo Cody archived post


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