‘Wicked Sexy Liar’ Book Review


I love the New Adult genre. Something about it makes me feel less alone. Probably, because the B plots in New Adult feel similar to things I’m still going through.

If you’re looking for something new, The Wild Seasons series by Christina Lauren is NA at its best.

The addition of London in Dark Wild Night had me looking forward to her story. So when release day for Wicked Sexy Liar rolled around, I carved out some time and dove in. And it did not disappoint.

Wicked Sexy Liar is told through the alternating first person voices of London (Lola’s roommate and my hero!) and Luke (Mia’s ex-boyfriend).

Christina Lauren had a challenge with Wicked Sexy Liar in writing a full-length novel about two characters that lie outside of the two beloved friendship groups. But have no fear–Wicked Sexy Liar is incredible.

I loved the opening scenes with London. It established her “drama-teflon” personality and seemingly fun, stress-free life.

San Diego looks and feels good through London’s eyes. Her confident, laid back California lifestyle made her my favorite female character out of all of Christina Lauren’s heroines. I look up to London’s carefree, happy, and self-reliant personality.  But she stole my heart because she’s a girl that takes care of herself first.

In an interview, the author duo said it best:

“London has been one of our favorite characters to write ever since she burst into the series with her cooler full of drinks and her FRITOS! Her life is full and content without any sort of romantic attachment. She’s living her post-college life on her terms and doing the things that make her happy. We think what we love most about London is that she’s willing to put herself first, even at that age.”

Christina Lauren

London’s story also portrays the drawbacks of being so avoidant of potential pain that you cut yourself off from taking a chance. In any romantic venture, vulnerability is a necessity.

“Once again I curse the bum deal of having a long-term boyfriend suck up all of my social life for years and then cheat on me, leaving me isolated as hell. I have a hundred acquaintances, and a few true friends. Is it me? Am I a surface skimmer, relying on a dimpled smile and small talk to make people feel at ease, to trick them into thinking they know me?”

Wicked Sexy Liar, Christina Lauren

As far as the story conflict goes, I envisioned a lot more drama considering Luke was Mia’s ex-boyfriend and London is a newer friend to this group of girls. But Christina Lauren took the high road and showed how to best handle the challenge of dating a friend’s ex—London is pure class in this arena.

Luke didn’t generate much interest for me when he was mentioned in previous books. But the weak link for me was Luke’s family. It felt contrived at times. It was a tool to make sure the reader liked Luke, despite his player ways. The lunch scene at his job, with Harlow and London, took care of Luke’s likability factor. Seeing what he used to be like through Harlow’s perspective, felt more genuine. Nobody writes friendships like they do.

Being that this is a New Adult Romance novel, there are, of course, great steamy scenes (*wink*). Christina Lauren always delivers. And don’t forget the humor! Who knew banter about pop tarts could be so hilarious?

This book makes you feel good. Plain and simple.

4 stars.


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