Work in Progress

I spent this past weekend working on my second WIP. It was also my NaNoWriMo project from November. I LOVE the word count ticker! The main goal is to pen 50,000 words in a month.

I didn’t hit the 50k mark (I started a week late), but I came close. I wrote 43,181 words, which I’m proud of.

Anyway, after November ended, I got carried away with work and I neglected my second WIP. From December through February, I only penned 10,000 words, maybe?  2,000 of that was this weekend, and I just finished the entire draft yesterday.

I’m starting the revision process now, and I realize there are definitely plot holes. Gaping ones. Ugh. There is also an inconsistent tone in my main character’s voice—probably, due to my December to February absence. For me, I really have to stick with it without any breaks, until the bulk of my character is established.  I’m predicting some heavy rewrites.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was working on a draft of my first novel, Dark Hearts (WIP #1), back in July.  I finished it at the start of October and began tackling revisions.  Then NaNoWriMo happened, and I scrapped revisions and started WIP #2 instead.

So, I still need to revise 99k words of ‘Dark Hearts,’ as well.

*quietly panics*

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