2016 Book Releases

I previously talked about slipping into a writing lull.  I think writing apathy was an easy state to revert to, because 1) Writing is hard and 2) I have a gigantic ‘to-be-read’ pile to distract me.

So, when I wasn’t writing, I was reading.  Drifting off into another world, instead of creating my own, was more appealing at the time.

In 2016, I hope to replicate the reading high I reached in 2015.  And it looks very possible, with all the great releases.  So many books, so little time!

January, February, and March have been great months for the New Adult, M/M Romance, and Young Adult genres.

January 2016 opened with Elle Kennedy’s, ‘The Score’—which is the third book from her fantastic ‘Off-Campus series’ (and another reason why the New Adult genre is on the rise).  I love The Deal, The Mistake, and The Score, in exact and equal measure.  I’m not sure if that has ever happened before, but that’s the power of Elle Kennedy.  All hail.

February 2016 featured two books from Christina Lauren: ‘Wicked Sexy Liar’ (which I loved) and ‘Beautiful Boss’ (which was not as good as I expected).  In early October, they will be releasing the final installment of The Beautiful Bastard series, perfectly titled—Beautiful.

As for March, well…

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy released ‘Us,’ on March 8th.  It’s the sequel to ‘Him,’ one of the best books of the M/M Romance genre.  Sequels sometimes disappoint, but ‘Us’ did not let me down.  I cried a lot during Jamie’s character arc.  Jamie and Wes—my favorite book couple of the moment—are pure fire!  I highly recommend both books.


I’m also looking forward to ‘Broken Crowns,’ by Lauren DeStefano, which comes out on March 22nd!  So soon!  I stumbled upon the series last year, so I’m relieved I didn’t have to endure the long wait times in between books.  So, if you’ve never read it, you won’t have to wait either.  Lucky!

Both of her YA trilogies—The Chemical Garden series and The Internment Chronicles are standouts in the overpopulated YA dystopian genre.  I will always go back to ‘Wither’ or beautiful passages from ‘Perfect Ruin,’ like this one…

“We accept gods that don’t speak to us. We accept gods that would place us in a world filled with injustices and do nothing as we struggle. It’s easier than accepting that there’s nothing out there at all, and that, in our darkest moments, we are truly alone.”

Perfect Ruin, Lauren DeStefano

or this one:

“He stops me a few paces before the door to my building, takes my hands. “If you feel like going to the edge, come and find me,” he says.

It takes me a moment to work up the courage to look at him. “What if you can’t stop me?” I say. “What if I go mad and I jump?”

He squeezes my hands. “I won’t let you go alone.”

Perfect Ruin, Lauren DeStefano

*starts crying*

Until next time…


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