Beautiful Boss


What a cover, right? Hanna is fierce!

Christina Lauren almost always seems to be a five star guarantee. But this novella didn’t work for me.

Since it arrived on my Kindle at the end of February, I’ve reread certain parts hoping something might pull me in…but, no.

There were a few reasons why…

Anticipation. Its been about a year since I fell in love with Beautiful Player, and I was hoping for more. Beautiful Player is still one of my favorite novels by them (second only to Dirty Rowdy Thing and maybe, Sublime). Will was my favorite male in the BB series, so I had a lot of hope for them and the continuation of their happily ever after. I was expecting a longer wedding scene and maybe an introduction to Will’s mother and sisters—we did meet Chloe’s loony Aunts at her wedding—but I guess they didn’t want a repeat, since they already covered one wedding in ‘Beautiful Beginning.’

While I love seeing successful Hanna with job offers left and right (girl power), the story line of Hanna’s interviews and deciding where to live fell flat. I had zero interest. I could have bothered any of my real married friends for this same life update.

The scenes with the whole gang felt contrived. It would have made sense to see this gang together at their wedding (as you can see, I really wanted a longer wedding scene).

The love scenes are of course, steamy, well-written, and fun. I guess. But without a remotely interesting plot, it doesn’t work.

Plus, it’s hard to compete with the love scenes in Beautiful Player. Hanna the wide-eyed curious one and Will…the experienced player. As an engaged couple, they’re still hot, but that page-turning quality is gone. And I don’t know why.

They put three Will and Hanna outtakes on their website last year THAT WERE INCREDIBLE!  But they should have saved them for Beautiful Boss. It would have helped pad this novella and given it a softer ending. When Beautiful Boss ended, I thought I was missing pages. .

Christina Lauren’s best novella was Beautiful Beloved—which was stunning.

For example:

“I could barely look at her like this—rapt and sexy and self-possessed—without feeling a heavy swell of emotion in my chest.”

“Every second that I loved her—a love story for the ages condensed into not even two years—coalesced into this single fucking touch.”

Christina Lauren, Beautiful Beloved

See? Gorgeous.

Until next time.


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