Self-Publishing Phenomenon

“Physically, he was my dream and in every other way, my nightmare.”
― Stepbrother Dearest, Penelope Ward


I love a successful self-publishing story!

Penelope Ward is one of those self-publishing phenoms. And she should be, because Ward is an excellent writer. In this scenario, Ward also had good timing as well. There was a stepbrother romance trend happening awhile back on Amazon. I remember seeing a few stepbrother romance titles topping the Amazon bestseller lists. So, I’m not sure if she capitalized on that popularity or if she was the pioneer of it. Regardless, she does the trend justice with this story.

Stepbrother Dearest is incredible. I got a hard copy at my library, which shows just how popular this book has become (self-published to library circulated)! I finished in one sitting, it was that good. Great escapism and romance. And really, there are only three love scenes.

Every backstory, supporting character, storytelling maneuver, and sex scene was near perfect.  It was well paced and intriguing, based on the two leads (Elec and Greta) who pull you in. The circumstances under which they initially get together, down to the event that brings them back together, felt realistic, never forced.

Chelsea provided excellent conflict for Elec and Greta…A near perfect supporting character. The storytelling maneuver of Elec’s book was a great tool to experience his point of view. And the anagram tool was also a great device throughout. It gave the ending a sweet touch. So much to love!

Congrats to Penelope Ward. I’ll be checking out more!



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