SUMMER ROMANCE REVIEW: Between the Waves by Ellie Malouff

Between The Waves - Tumblr

Since I don’t have a vacation on the horizon, I’d been looking for a summer romance novel to sink my teeth into and escape. If you’re looking for a beachy read like I was, I recommend Between the Waves by Ellie Malouff.

This story pulls you in from page one with the introduction of Audrey. New to the fictional small town of Manalua, she is thousands of miles away from home. From the start, she’s hesitant about being too friendly and revealing too much. But she can’t stay at home forever and decides it’s best to try and blend in. She heads to the local surf shop to ask about lessons, only to discover the surf instructor is a former pro named Jake. Their playful first meeting to their encounters that follow, go from cute to hot. Mmph.

Audrey and Jake’s attraction is instant and natural. Their connection solidifies through surfing lessons, the tight knit community they inhabit, and his genuine interest in wanting to know more about her. Oh the challenge!

They are perfect together. Individually, they are strong characters due to their backstories and experiences. It makes sense that their connection would be immediate and near perfect, because this match would be right anywhere. Luckily, we get to visualize it happening in one of the most beautiful places!


Malouff drops hints about what Audrey is running away from steadily throughout. When the reveal happens, the details were surprising. The circumstances about why she fled made perfect sense. The author includes themes that mirror recent news. So when Audrey talks about her mysterious past, the story becomes the very definition of current.

Written in first person narrative with alternating viewpoints (my preferred format for contemporary romance), Malouff’s debut is compulsively readable, sexy, and fun. Stories like this make life a little happier.

Readers: Between the Waves is a one sitting type book. You’ll want to zip through it in an afternoon. A fantastic read. Perfect for summer.

Between the Waves is out now.


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