INCENTIVE by Pam Godwin

After reading Deliver and Vanquish in one sitting, I became a bonafide Pam Godwin fan. Dark romance is the perfect blend of romance with a shocking, edgy twist. (Deliver, for example, is not for the faint of heart!)

Incentive was no different. What a premise and what a page turner! Godwin always pushes the boundaries and gives the reader something…unexpected.

Incentive starts with a gripping chapter that introduces, Decker. We learn he’s not just some cocky playboy who’s down on his luck. There is so much more. I loved his backstory, inner dialogue, and attitude.

The client, Laynee, is confused and struggling after experiencing severe abuse from an ex. Godwin writes truthfully about dealing with the effects of this kind of trauma. There were many relatable moments of insecurity, fear, and crippling doubt that readers will definitely connect with.

Fashion portrait of young elegant woman in bed

What I loved about Decker and Laynee was that they both had what the other lacked.

For instance, Decker was originally a combat teacher, who not only gives Laynee the physical tools to defend herself, but provides her with the emotional ones too.

And Laynee? Well, she’s a challenge. Decker is not only instantly attracted to her, but he sees another chance to be the protector that he once (seemingly) failed to be.

I knocked off a star because there was one part at the end, which was completely unnecessary. It didn’t connect with Laynee’s personality. By end, she’s changed so much that this shock value scene was pointless. And while I pictured the HEA going differently, I loved Incentive from start to finish. There was so much heat and depth to this story. Highly recommend. 4 stars.

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