Romance Review Roundup: Ellie Malouff, Molly O’Keefe, R. Scarlett, and Whitney G.

Romance Review Roundup

The New Release: Be What Love Is by Ellie Malouff

Be What Love Is - Teaser

In Be What Love Is, we’re introduced to Reid and Cara who both receive horrible news. But when Cara gets the call about her estranged grandfather’s death, she’s instantly plucked from her life in San Diego and winds up in England. In all the locations in Be What Love Is, Malouff truly makes you feel like you are 100% there.

Cara learns she’s inherited an estate (the dream!) along with her soon-to-be love interest, Reid. As co-beneficiaries, their attraction and mistrust is instant and complex. While guarded, Reid starts putting off work trips to be with her. Their pull is that strong.

My favorite part in Be What Love Is was the last fourth of the book, when they’re in London. Loved the descriptions of Reid’s home as seen through Cara’s eyes for the first time. It was a nice piece of foreshadowing of what was to come. Seeing how they dealt with their very different views on money was incredibly relatable. No longer were they tucked away in a huge estate far from the world. London offered a glimpse of real life.

When it comes down to the final conflict, it really was a make it or break it scene. Will they pull through, or won’t they? You’ve got to read it to find out!

Loved this story. Looking forward to the third book in this series.

The Stunner: The Tycoon by Molly O’Keefe


            ‘There’s always a choice to make,’ he said. ‘I should have chosen you. I regret that I didn’t.’

            Those words caught me up short. Chosen you. When had anyone chosen me? My father hadn’t. My sisters needed me, that wasn’t the same. Five years ago, I’d though Clayton had. I thought he’d plucked me out of my ordinary life and settled me down in a fairy tale because he chose me.

            What would it be like, I wondered, to be someone’s first choice? To be the thing they wanted more than anything else?

            I literally couldn’t imagine.

-The Tycoon, Molly O’Keefe

I read a Molly O’Keefe book last year which was fantastic. So shame on me for not picking up her other titles right away. I say this because The Tycoon was incredible. I found myself crying (maybe a little too much?) for the first third of the book during Veronica’s discovery of Clayton’s betrayal and the fallout. The inner dialogue of both characters hit me hard. Emotional, raw, honest, and relatable. (Get out of my head, Molly O’Keefe!) And when Clayton showed up again and again and again, my heart stopped each time.

O’Keefe taps into an emotional aspect that just resonates on all levels. And not just in the romantic storyline. The King Family is as real as it gets. Each family member made the story richer without taking away from Veronica or Clayton.

Whether or not you’ve experienced a betrayal like this starts out with is irrelevant. This story pulls you in and keeps you. Highly recommend.

The Sneek Peak:  Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett


Wow! This novella hooked me from page 1. A great premise, realistic characters, and an excellent set-up for the series. This is how you create buzz. There was just enough of Gabe and the rest of the guys to make me need to read their stories. Also, the HEA here was extra sweet without being cheesy. The only sad part is that it’s over and I can’t find a release date for Book 1. I need this series now!

The Obsession: Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G.


I’ve read ten Whitney G. books this year. (Go to Amazon and download one now! You won’t be sorry.)  

I’m addicted and obsessed.

I have to thank Indie Sage PR for the heads up in introducing me to Whitney G’s work. She’s a boss. I mean, Two Weeks Notice, was incredible, but really everything she writes is. I thought Turbulence was my favorite, but the story that is the most memorable is, Reasonable Doubt.

No one writes the cocky jerk better than Whitney G. But here, he has a different side. One the reader doesn’t normally get to see. The angst! That pain! Ugh, loved it. Even with all the great stand off moments and hot love scenes, a character must have a connection to the reader. That emotional, real life component is crucial. Without it, they’re just caricatures. And no character embodies all of this more than Andrew. Complex, hot, whip smart, and a huge a**hole (at least at the start). Loved him. Couldn’t get through this story fast enough.

To see what else I’m reading or to recommend a book, leave a comment below or connect with me on Goodreads!

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