Cover Reveal: THE BET by Natalie Wrye

Today is the cover reveal for Natalie Wrye’s upcoming release: The Bet.

Scroll down to check out the images, synopsis, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card giveaway (plus the chance to win a print copy)! You don’t want to miss it.


I’m excited for this release because one romance trope I can never get enough of is Enemies to Lovers.

Coming on December 30th, Natalie Wrye’s, The Bet, offers this beloved premise.

And, friends: I can’t wait for this one. Check out the synopsis below. The anticipation!

TheBet_Teaser1 new

Preorder your copy!


It was supposed to be an innocent wager, a harmless game.
It turned out to be so much more.
Maybe that’s because everything involving Violet Keats was so much more. More frustrating. More pain-in-the-ass. More sexy than anything I’d ever seen.
You know what they say: All’s fair in love and business. And what happens to Manhattan’s toughest lawyer when she ends up on the wrong side of my bitter family feud should be no different…
Until one night changes everything.
I knew what taking this dangerous bet would do to her. What I never bet on is what taking this gamble would do to me…

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#Preorder your copy!



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